Virtual Educational Forum

It is allowed to make known to our nationals that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia through the “Colombia Unites Program” of the Directorate of Migration, Consular Affairs and Citizen Service, in partnership with the Social Security Institute -ISS, is Organizing a VIRTUAL EDUCATIONAL FORUM whose theme is “How to contribute to pensions in Colombia from abroad” which will air in July 2012.


The aforementioned FORO seeks to collect at first all the doubts in concerns that Colombians have about the Pension System in Colombia and especially the Program that allows them to continue contributing to pensions in Colombia from abroad.

These concerns should be made known through the following link

With any questions sent by the Colombians, the ISS will program the Forum and it is at that moment that they will inform the users of the corresponding responses.

We also invite our nationals to visit the website:

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