Work Visa (TT)


  1. Valid Passport with at least 3 available pages and good for a minimum of 6 months
  2. One (1) copy of the passport (used pages and information page).
  3. Visa application form duly signed and filled out.
  4. Two (2) passport-type photos.
  5. Original work contract with both signatures notarized.
  6. Certificate of “Chamber of Commerce” of the Colombian company (Certificate of corporate existence).
  7. Legalized and Apostilled copy of the university diploma.
  8. Summarizes.
  9. Letter from the Colombian company stating the name and position of the applicant, detailed purpose of trip, and company’s commitment to assume full financial responsibility for the traveler’s expenses, including his return to the country of origin or last country of residence. This letter must notarized and apostilled.
  10. Form “Contract Summary” filled and signed.

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